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1585 Los Angeles Ave. • Ventura • CA • 93004
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The Pipeline - October 2017

We Value Community
It's time to come together.

We have been fortunate to serve loyal clients in Ventura County for 30 years. As we see the devastation that has happened in counties across Southern Los Angeles, we just wanted to take a moment to send our condolences to all who have been affected by the loss of family, friends, pets, homes, and businesses.

We will continue to keep you in our thoughts as you begin to rebuild.
We have partnered with Habitat for Humanity Ventura County to help build a strong foundation for six new homes in Oxnard, CA. As we continue to lay the groundwork for these projects, we are humbled to have a small impact on the families who will reside in them.

We look forward to seeing the end result and working together in the future.
The Fix
We all have those everyday home nuisances that don't necessarily need professional services, but do need some attention. With talk of forceful earthquakes hitting California, we wanted to offer tips to alleviate the damage.

In our section, The Fix, we will give you tips and tricks to overcome your earthquake fears. No need to have a plumbing nightmare this Halloween.
Fear no more! Check out these easy do-it-yourself techniques, and learn how to protect your house from any earthquake scares.
Get ready for an experiment! We have found an effective method for natural disaster damage control.
Step 1: Locate the gas and water valves and shut them off immediately.
Step 2: Scope out the household for gas build up and smells of gas leakage. Check for a broken gas line or of noises that fill the space.
Step 3: Check for leaking water lines. Become familiar with signs like water strains infiltrating the floors, wet spots throughout the floor, or heightened water bills.

If necessary, replace your water line to a structure that is more capable of withstanding earthquakes.
Are your sewer lines intact?

$295 is a small amount to pay for peace of mind. Some damage needs a video inspection and professional guidance. Hansen's Plumbing offers an earthquake natural gas shut- off that automatically discontinues the natural gas service regardless of the earthquake magnitude.

Be proactive and contact us today!

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