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Finding Leaks for Home Leak Repair

There are many signs that you may have a water leak from the obvious, such as a puddle, to the less visible, like a damp smell or even a slight constant whistle. Before you can attempt a DIY home leak repair, you need to know if you have a leak and where it’s at. Even if the leak isn’t visible, there are ways to determine if you have one and where it’s located.

Check the Water Meter:

If you suspect a leak, but can’t find any visible signs, then you can use your water meter to see if water is being used. First, go to the water meter and check the numbers. This is your water baseline. Turn off all the faucets and don’t flush the toilet for an hour or two. Go back to the water meter and see if the number changed. If it has, that means water entered the home and is being used, thus you have a water leak. Now, you need to find it.

Finding that Pesky Leak:

Now that you know for sure that there is a leak, it’s time to track it down so you can fix the leaking pipe. You need to be a water leak detective and find some clues. Check the obvious first: Go into the basement or crawl space (slab houses will not have access) and see if there are any leaking pipes. Look at the piping connected to the faucets, behind the washer and dryer, etc. Is your bathroom sink leaking? If it isn’t, then start looking at the walls and the floors. See if there is any warping in the floor caused by water damage. Do you see discoloration in the walls, mold, or bubbling that may reveal a water leak? When checking out the pipes, see if there is any rusting of the pipes or nearby metals.

Dangers of Water Leaks:

Small water leaks may not seem like a big deal, but over time they do substantial damage to the home. The floors and walls can be severely damaged by water, leading to warping and rotting. Rotten wood in floors can cause injury if it breaks. Mold can be dangerous for your health, depending on the type. It can be a mild respiratory irritant, or it can lead to major health problems.

Importance of Saving Water:

As a California resident, it is important to remain cognizant of our water intake. With the ongoing drought, let’s re-evaluate our water usage in order to stabilize the current water deficit. We can all do our due diligence by saving water and taking control to better the community and the entirety of the state.

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