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1585 Los Angeles Ave. • Ventura • CA • 93004
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Detect and Reflect

Hansen’s Plumbing has the sophisticated equipment ready to inspect your house! We utilize a multi-step process that will ensure up-to-date plumbing for you and your family.

Want a play-by-play of your sewer system? We are able to offer you the footage. Our sewer video inspections, create a system that offers complete visibility to any plumbing damage both above and below the surface. The video records a 360 view of any detected clogs and leaks so we can go back and analyze the scene with a greater lens.

What’s in it for you? Here’s what the sewer video inspections can detect:

Breaks, Shifts and Misalignments:

If your plumbing is misaligned, infiltration will occur from the ground work. The extra wastewater will enter and erode the soil, leading to pressure build up and pipelines to collapse.

Root Intrusions:

If there is a crack, hole, or separation in your pipe, tree roots or other organic plant material can enter. The warm flow of water through drainage pipes create condensation. Tree roots seek the moisture, so the smallest opening will allow the roots to enter and grow inside of the pipe. If left unnoticed, the tiny roots scale into larger roots; causing shifting root movement to lead to pipe failure.

Bellys and Flat Spots:

When there is a low area, flat or belly spot, the pipe ends up holding excessive water after the flow has ended its cycle. The pooling water can build up debris which can lead to a backup or blockage.

Cross Bores:

Cross bores occur from directional drilling work. If a natural gas line is cut or configured simultaneously when plumbers are unclogging a sewer line, a fire or explosion can be generated from the unintentional cross contact.

Objects and Obstructions:

Not all objects are meant to go down the drains. If they prevent water from passing through the sewer lines, a blockage, clog, or backup of water and flooding will occur.

The first step to solving the problem is becoming aware of it. Thanks to the sewer video inspection, we get to the root of the problem and then provide you with different options to correct your sewer lines.

Still don’t think that you need an inspection? We promise that you’ll thank later.

Let Hansen’s Plumbing provide you with a free 2nd opinion on all sewer lines. Contact us for more details!


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