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1585 Los Angeles Ave. • Ventura • CA • 93004
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1585 Los Angeles Ave. • Ventura • CA • 93004
Hansen's Plumbing & Mechanical has a certified plumber to take care of your toilet or sink installation near Camarillo CA.

The Pipeline - September

We Appreciate YOU!

We are fortunate to have a loyal client base that has supported us for 30 years! Over time we have forged friendships and have gotten to know so many of our customers and are thankful for each and every one.

We are happy to share our survey results on how we can serve YOU better!

It's our goal to continue to offer exemplary services and keep our customers first!

The Fix

We all have those everyday home nuisances that don't necessarily need professional services, but do need some attention.

In our section, The Fix, we will give you tips and tricks to overcome those everyday problems...

Check out these easy do-it-yourself techniques, and learn how to unclog your toilet today!

Get ready for an experiment! We have found the perfect method for preventing drain clogs.

Step 1: Use the baking soda and vinegar method once a week. Pour one-half cup of baking soda down the drain first. Follow suit with a one-half cup of white vinegar.

Step 2: Make sure the baking soda and vinegar mixture bubbles for 30 minutes after plugging the drain.

Step 3: Allow the bubbling to finish. Run hot water down the entire drain for around 3 minutes to lessen the debris built up in the drain.

And just like that, your drain should be unclogged! If not, maybe there are more pressing issues afoot, but nothing the Hansen's team can't handle so give us a call!


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We're here to make the lives of realtors and their clients a little easier.

Refer Hansen's Plumbing to a professional in real estate and receive 10% off your next service.

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