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1585 Los Angeles Ave. • Ventura • CA • 93004
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Be Summertime Ready

August 8th, 2017

The heat has arrived! The real question is… what do you do to overcome the weather change? In the summertime, it can be challenging to beat the heat. You must be equipped to the rising temperatures and be prepared to maintain your household during every season.

Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind while soaking up the summer sun!

Water Works:

Assess your sprinklers early in the season. No need to add onto the current drought! Be prepared to switch out a sprinkler head or look for underground leaks, as it will prevent future leaking complications inside and outside of the house.

Get an Annual Inspection:

An annual drainage check- up for your home will help alleviate damage before any damage is done. Being consistent ensures that money and time will be saved in the long run. No need to call plumbing 911, we will protect your house from any leaking, bursts or fixture emergencies!

Get a Grip On Your Drip:

Need a vacation? Summer is the best time to get away and relax. However, you can't forget what you are leaving behind. Make sure to turn the water heater off or down when departing in order to save money.

The Hansen’s team is spending the summer months working hard for YOU and enjoying time with family and friends... we hope you are too!

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