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Water Heaters

Every Home Needs a Water Heater. Feel Assured That You’ve Chosen the Correct One.

Choosing the correct type and size of the Water Heater that suits your needs is essential to providing your home with adequate hot water. Below you’ll see the different types of Water Heaters and how they operate.

Tank-style Water Heaters:

Tank-style Water Heaters utilize a burner to heat the water and, depending on the size of the tank (30-, 40-, or 50-gallon), store the hot water for a period of time. Typically, you can expect to use only approximately 70% of the tank’s volume; i.e., a 50-gallon tank should provide approximately 35 gallons of hot water. This stored volume, in combination with the standing pilot light, usually results in an Energy Factor (EF) in the low range of 0.53 -0.62 for gas fired, tank-type water heaters.

Tankless Water Heaters are designed to be more efficient as well as space saving Water Heaters. Available in the same sizes as Tank-style Water Heaters, the Tankless systems use coils to flash heat the water, giving you hot water “on demand.” Because these Water Heaters only activate when hot water is being used, no standby energy losses are incurred, providing efficient heating and conserving gas energy.

Tank Operation:

A tank-style heater stores a volume of water at an approximate set temperature 24/7/365. As you draw hot water at your fixture, cold water replaces the outgoing water in the tank and the temperature of the water in the tank begins to drop. Typically, the tank has been set to a high temperature (which wastes energy and shortens its life) and the flow rate is fairly low, it will provide adequate hot water for one reasonably long shower.

Tankless units operate differently. Each unit modulates fully between its minimum and maximum BTU/hr. input ratings. It only uses the amount of gas needed to do the job, so there’s no waste! Whatever the maximum flow rate for a tankless unit, the flow remains continuous for as long as there is demand. And unlike a tank-style Water Heater, the temperature remains constant at the selected set point. Since there is no stored water and no pilot light, a tankless’ high EF range is between 0.81 and 0.94, depending on the model and gas type.

Electric Water Heaters:

Electric Water Heaters are the most efficient Water Heaters. Electric Water Heaters are also a Tank-style heater and are available in the same sizes as the Tank-style Water Heaters operating on natural gas or propane, however, the Electric systems are the most Eco-Friendly systems and, as such, provide the highest EF ratings of all the systems. An Electric Water Heater’s EF range is between .91 and .94! 


The Electric Water Heaters we use come with a patented anode rod design that incorporates a special resistor and porcelain enamel tank lining that protects the tank from corrosion; the heating elements are registered for additional protection; and the added rigid foam insulation allows for LESS heat loss in a 24-hour period, making this a much more energy efficient Water Heater. These Water Heaters come with a 6-year Limited Warranty on the tank and parts.

Electric Water Heaters come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, with some featuring Lifetime Warranties on the tanks and 6-year warranties on the parts, as well as ones featuring Heat Pumps, making them TWICE as efficient as standard electric water heaters, with an EF rating of 2.0! Many Electric Water Heaters are ENERGY STAR rated, qualifying you for tax credits and (where available) state and local incentives or rebates.

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